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The Sqivvy was born of a "Eureka!" moment during a lunchtime trail run. As many of you know all too well, squeezing in exercise often involves getting dressed in very inconvenient places. It was while changing into my running clothes at a trailhead in an upscale residential neighborhood that the idea struck me. As I fought the steering wheel and tried to be as discrete as possible behind the door of my car  I thought, "Why isn't there a pop-up dressing room for getting into and out of your clothes in public places?"  I contemplated this idea as I ran and the result is what I have dubbed the Sqivvy! 

The Sqivvy is a "super-quick bivvy", a portable pop-up privacy room to get out of your skivvies and into your exercise clothes or back into your street clothes.

You'll be amazed at the transformation from about the size of a bicycle wheel into a 4'x4' room well over 6 feet tall in just seconds, and it folds down just as fast!

It's great for the beach (no more sand in the car!), mountain biking, running, triathlons, marathons, surfing, car-camping, river trips... Anywhere you need a little privacy!

If you're using your Sqivvy regularly, I know you're living well!



P.O. Box 4626
Logan, UT  84323-4262

(435) 512-4051

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